R&D Projects

The main field of concentration of the R&D department is the development of projects involving satellite connectivity. Since the creation of the department in 2016, in cooperation with the Production Engineering Department, our engineers have successfully developed the SatPack portable satellite terminal and executed the integration of FlyAway, HUB/Master and DriveAway antenna systems using proprietary guidance and control methods for the antennas and other components of the integrated terminal.




Our team consists of electronics engineers and programmers with extensive knowledge in their respective fields, which allows us to perform a wide range of conceptual, development and implementation work using our own resources.


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Designing and construction of electronic circuits

We design printed circuit boards using Altium Designer software. Our technological facilities and the competences of the specialists we employ allow us to assemble both simple and complex prototype series on our own. Our applications are mainly based on STM32 microcontrollers.
GISS employ engineers with knowledge of construction and measurements of microwave systems. We independently manufacture active and passive radio path elements operating at frequencies up to 18GHz. We use CST Studio software to perform microwave simulations.



The R&D team employs programmers of the C, C++, Python and JavaScript architectures.
Software for embedded systems is mainly based on the C++ code, which is progressively replacing the C script in the architecture of the developed systems. This allows developers greater flexibility in their work, while the created layer of abstraction increases the ease of code adaptation to new hardware platforms.
The software architecture responsible for communication between antenna system modules is developed by Python developers. The same developers are responsible for ensuring interoperability of systems designed in GISS with devices from other manufacturers.
Web interfaces for manufactured devices are designed and executed by JavaScript programmers, working closely with application engineers and final users.

The R&D department has extensive technological facilities to increase the efficiency of its work. In our laboratory we have spectrum analysers, VNA, broadband oscilloscopes, specialised soldering stations, generators, multimeters, power supplies and electronic loads, as well as various types of small measurement equipment that facilitate the daily work of engineers.

In our newly built Research and Development Centre we have spacious rooms allowing comfortable work of the team members. A separate ESD assembly room allows the electronics engineers to perform their daily tasks in appropriate conditions.