Manpack terminals

SatPack family is a group of lightweight, modular mobile terminals that provide reliable communications in all conditions and are designed to be carried and operated by a single operator.

Depending on the terminal type, system can be equipped with antenna sizes:

 60 cm
 80 cm
 100 cm
 120 cm
 130 cm

SatPack terminals are designed to work with 5 to 40W transmitters and provides Ku, X and Ka band capability. The system allows to use satellite modems of Teledyne Technologies, NDSatCom and satellite modems manufactured by ST Engineering iDirect. The change of working band is performed by quick replacement of antenna feed and RF module.

Terminals are equipped with proprietary pointing support system that operates with a set of integrated sensors indicating required reflector position for each of the 3 axis - azimuth, elevation and polarization.



  • Fully modular VSAT system - no cable connections.
  • Ready to work in less than 5 minutes.
  • Intuitive antenna poinng support.
  • Military grade design - reliable construction in every conditions, IP67 rating.
  • Low weight - less than 20kg with 1m dish.
  • Different modems options: for TDMA and SCPC operation.
  • Capable to supply from: AC (mains), DC, BB-2590 batteries (with charging option).



SatPack L-Band

  • Lightweight, compact, and cost-effective solution.
  • Intuitive antenna pointing support.
  • Modular construction, IP65 rating.
  • Low weight – less than 19 kg with 1 m dish.
  • Single- or Dual-modem solution: built-in modems of the customer’s choice.
  • Capable to supply from: AC (mains), DC, BB-2590 batteries (with charging option).