CQB House

CQB House manufactured by GISS is a specially designed system of mobile ballistic panels, enabling the construction of a training facility with a real representation of the field of operations. It allows the organisation of tactical trainings in conditions most similar to those on a modern battlefield.

CQB House allows to conduct, with the use of live ammunition, a wide range of training preparing for operations of the type:

  • Combat in urbanized terrain
  • Fighting in confined spaces
  • Release of hostages
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Special reconnaissance
  • Direct action
  • VIP protection

Thanks to the use of standard equipment and real ammunition in training, the level of realism of the training, concentration and confidence in the acquired skills increases. Training support systems installed inside allow for comprehensive analysis of training, identification of individual and group mistakes, which makes it possible to avoid them in the future both during training and in tactical operations.



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