Anti-Ricochet Panels

Anti-ricochet ballistic panels manufactured by GISS are used as a covering material for all surfaces of shooting ranges. They can protect walls, floors, ceilings and partitions. Additionally, they are also a component of bullet traps. Their key task is to prevent ricochets to ensure the complete safety of shooters. What is more, by stopping bullets, the anti-ricochet panels contribute to a significant extension of the shooting range's life span.




Anti-ricochet ballistic panels


They are made of hot-pressed SBR abrasive (abrasive/EPDM granulate) bonded with a polyurethane binder. The whole system can be made in fire resistant technology: in C s1 d0 fire resistance class for wall and ceiling cladding, BFL fire resistance class for

floor cladding (previously selected by the customer in accordance with PN-EN 13501-1 standard).


Product features

  • Panels can be manufactured in a sound-absorbing (grooved) form.
  • Panels are manufactured in standard colours in green, red or black; however they can be produced in any colour.
  • Panels are manufactured with a flat side edge or tongue and groove technology, thanks to which there are no free spaces between panels.
  • The density of manufactured elements is 0,98 g/cm3.
  • Panels are designed for firing ammunition from 9mm Parabellum to 7.62 x 54mm R.


Standard dimensions of panels

  • 600mm x 700mm, wall panel thickness is 50mm or 30mm.
  • 500mm x 500mm, wall panel thickness is 50mm.
  • 610mm x 610mm, wall panel thickness is 50mm.
  • 1000mm x 1000mm, floor panel thickness is 43 mm.


It is possible to produce anti-ricochet panels in other dimensions and as part of waterproof plywood-rubber panel.


Panels have anti-ricochet properties confirmed by test results.

  • Cal. 5,56 x 45mm SS109 at an 8 degree angle.
  • Cal. 7,62 x 51mm Nato Ball at a 13 degree angle.
  • Cal. 7,62 x 39mm at a 10 degree angle.
  • Cal. 9 x 19mm Parabellum at a 8 degree angle