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Custom Satellite Solutions

SMART by GISS terminals are Flyaway-class VSAT terminals with antennas equipped with auto-guidance or manual guidance systems. It contains 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.4 m apertures, allowing to choose the antenna with parameters and dimensions suited to user’s needs. Other functional blocks of the terminal, such as ODU and IDU, are characterized by a modular structure and allow for a flexible selection of functionalities and parameters required for the planned application.

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SMART 1810 is a SatPack Flyaway class VSAT terminal with an antenna with an aperture of 1.8m and full automation of antenna positioning. It is designed to establish satellite communication based on eostationary satellites operating in the Ku-band, extended Ku-band, as well as in the X-band or other bands in any connection topology (P-t-P, STAR, MESH, HYBRID). The topology change is made by reconfiguring the supplied modem (s), while the bandwidth is changed by replacing the RF hardware of the antenna and applying the appropriate modem (s) configuration.


Market’s first Remote Communications Terminal with integrated VSAT router and VMware server to support customer applications beyond just basic connectivity, bringing applications to the edge of the network and providing full flexibility. Modular construction allows setting the Terminal to suit customer’s needs.



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