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As a leading manufacturer of satellite terminals and specialized shooting ranges, GISS has been offering its solutions on the domestic and international market since 2012. We develop, design and produce technically advanced solutions not only in the field of reliable satellite and tactical communications and ballistics, but also CNS/ATM air traffic management systems, as well as 3D printing and CNC machining services. Our clients include the Ministry of National Defense, the Police Headquarters, the Polish Air Navigation Agency, among others. In our team we employ dozens of specialists in various fields, who support you on a daily basis in the selection of optimal solutions, to make them part of your unique projects.

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Since the establishment of the Company in 2012, GISS has been steadily expanding its offer with solutions dedicated to units on which the state's operations are based, such as the Ministry of National Defense, the Police, the Fire Department, and PANSA. Our offer includes a wide range of products and services for various needs in both the civilian and military sectors. 

We supply advanced satellite communication systems and VSAT terminals, enabling reliable communication in every conditions, which is crucial for operations requiring uninterrupted communications. We carry a wide selection of tactical equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our products integrate network devices and radio equipment in the form of portable hard cases. We also offer advanced ballistic solutions, such as container shooting ranges and CQB House facilities, or reactive and virtual shooting ranges, as well as a broad selection of finishing elements for training facilities. In addition, we integrate modern air traffic management (ATM) solutions. The systems we install support the safe and efficient management of airspace, incorporating advanced monitoring, control and communication technologies. Finally, we offer comprehensive CNC machining and metal 3D printing services, and our advanced machines and experienced specialists guarantee the highest quality workmanship of even the most complex projects.


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Rich, diverse product portfolio

Thanks to a large team of specialists: engineers and technicians, the GISS Company is able to conduct projects and develop products from a holistic perspective. The knowledge we possess allows us to carry out the next steps, starting with discussions with the user to understand their real needs and problems, through the design process, implementation, staff training, and complete after-sales support.

We support the selection of a solution adjusted to your needs.

As an R&D Company, we understand that each project has unique requirements and goals to achieve, which often seem to be divergent. We believe that only with a thorough understanding of your aspirations and challenges any project can be completed successfully. For this reason our team of experts works with you at every stage of the process - from needs analysis, to the selection of appropriate technologies and products, to implementation and after-sales support.